6 themed tours of the core exhibition

Discover the History of Polish Jews (2 h)

We recommend this tour especially to groups visiting the Museum for the first time. The tour covers the entire core exhibition. The guide will take the visitors on a journey through Polish history told by Poland’s Jewish inhabitants. The tour will commence in the early years of the Polish state, and will finish in contemporary era.

From 19 Zamenhofa Street to 6 Anielewicza Street. A Time Travel Through the Muranów District – a guided tour (3 h: 2h core exhibition + 1h walking tour around the Museum)

During our guided tour, we take you on a journey through the thousand-year history of Polish Jews from the Middle Ages to the modern times, presented in 8 galleries of the core exhibition. Having visited the exhibition, we set off for a walk around the Museum, during which our guides will present the history of this pre-war Jewish district in Warsaw and the life of its inhabitants. The participants will get acquainted with the most famous Jewish street in pre-war Muranów and will discover how this part of Warsaw changed in the postwar period. Next, our guides will discuss the concept of socialist housing estate-memorial as well as the mural commemorating the people who had once resided in Muranów. 

Please note: the tour includes a city walk, so mind the weather (make sure you take umbrellas, comfortable shoes, or raincoats if needed).
In the case of unfavourable weather conditions, if the participants should wish so, the tour will cover the core exhibition only. 

There are plenty of hills and steps on the tour’s route.

The Story of Polish Jews in the 20th century  (1,5 h)

Guided tour of the core exhibition’s section devoted to the life of Polish Jews in the twentieth century. The journey will commence in the interwar period, on a busy Jewish street of a Polish city. Next, the visitors will walk through a labyrinth of the ghetto, getting acquainted with the lives of Jews under the Nazi occupation. From there, they will move to the postwar world in which the surviving Jews are striving to rebuild their lives.

The Holocaust and the memory (two options to choose from: 1.5h spent almost entirely at the core exhibition space, 2h if we additionally take a walk outside the Museum walls)

Guided tour of the Holocaust and Postwar Galleries. Tour can be combined with stepping outside the Museum and visiting the memorial sites located in the Museum’s vicinity (Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, bunker of the Jewish Combat Organization fighters, etc.).

Jewish holidays (2 h)

We recommend this tour particularly to those who have already visited the core exhibition. Visitors view selected items through which they get acquainted with the Jewish holiday calendar. During the tour, they will learn how religious Jews observe Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. They will not only view, but also handle objects related to Jewish tradition.

Life (1,5 h)

We recommend this tour particularly to those who have already visited the core exhibition. Visitors view selected items which help them understand the Jewish life cycle. During the tour, visitors will get acquainted with Jewish rituals connected to birth, growing up, setting up a family and death. They will have an opportunity to not only view but also handle objects related to Jewish tradition.