2017 POLIN Award

In November, the POLIN Award gala will be held for the third time. The Award will be handed in to an individual, an organisation or an institution engaged in preserving the memory of the history of Polish Jews. We are awaiting submissions of nominees until 12 September. The laureate will be presented with a statuette—a sculpture by Barbara Falender and a financial prize of 10,000 Polish zlotys.

Since 2015 - the first anniversary of the opening of the core exhibition titled 1000-Year History of the Polish Jews - the POLIN Award has been granted to individuals or organisations who preserve the memory of the history of Polish Jews and contribute to building a better future, mutual understanding and respect between Poles and Jews.

"We grant the Award to people, organisations and institutions that, in the past few years, contributed to both the revival of the memory of the history of Polish Jews, and to building mutual understanding and respect between Poles and Jews. We are aware that there are many such initiatives, both in big cities and in small towns. People who devote their time and energy to these initiatives deserve a distinction, and our gratitude,"” says Professor Dariusz Stola, Director of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

The rules are simple - until 12 September, anybody can nominate a candidate using application forms available at www.polin.pl/nagroda. The competition comprises two stages; in the first one, the application forms are collected and verified, in the second one, a laureate of the POLIN Award is selected by the jury. POLIN Award sponsors can also grant honourable mentions, whereas Professor Stola, the Museum Director, can grant a Special Prize.

During the 2017 POLIN Award gala, which will take place on 28 November at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the laureate will be presented with the sculpture created by Barbara Falender, and with the financial award of 10,000 zlotys, funded by Tomek Ulatowski and Ygal Ozechov, POLIN Museum’s Distinguished Benefactors. The donors also sponsored financial prizes for those presented with honourable mentions by the jury.

Tomasz Pietrasiewicz, founder and director of the "Brama Grodzka—Teatr NN" foundation in Lublin was POLIN Award’s first ever laureate. His foundation has been involved in a number of educational and artistic projects dedicated to the heritage of Lublin Jewry since 1998. 

Last year, during the second edition, the POLIN Award was granted to Jacek Koszczan, founder and chairman of ‘Sztetl Dukla - Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of Jews from the Dukla Region.’ The Award jury decided to honour two more people. Honourable Mentions were presented to Robert Augustyniak, a prime-mover behind actions aimed at restoring the memory of the Jewish community from Grodzisk Mazowiecki, and Mirosław Skrzypczyk, teacher and animator of culture who is active in the field of preservation of the Jewish heritage in Lelów and Szczekociny. The Special Prize went to Jan Jagielski of the Jewish Historical Institute, to honour him for his lifetime achievement. 

Members of the POLIN Award competition jury:

  • Marian Turski, Chair of the Museum Council – Chairman of the Jury,
  • Dariusz Stola, Director of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews,
  • Paula Sawicka, Chairwoman of the Programming Council of the „Otwarta Rzeczpospolita” Association Against Antisemitism and Xenophobia,
  • Grażyna Pawlak, Director of the Professor Moses Schorr Foundation,
  • Piotr Wiślicki, Chairman of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland,
  • Laureates of the POLIN Award in the years 2015 and 2016.

The POLIN Award Gala was made possible thanks to the support of the Jankilevitsch Foundation.