Launch of the Digital Archive on Jewish Life in Poland!


The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, partner of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, has just launched the YIVO Digital Archive on Jewish Life in Poland, at The website provides access to thousands of digitized documents, manuscripts, photographs, artworks, films, and audio recordings relating to the rich and vibrant Jewish community in Poland before World War II. Conceived as an educational experience and a research tool, the new website has been developed to serve a broad audience of both the general public and scholars.

As Jonathan Brent, YIVO Executive Director notes, “There is something for everyone at this website, for the beginner who is just starting out, genealogists who are exploring their family roots, and scholars who have the expertise to read handwritten Russian, Yiddish or Hebrew manuscripts. The online exhibitions, the essay on Polish Jewish history, the photo gallery, the videos of home movies of shtetls in the 1930s, and the examples of Yiddish and Hebrew songs, are features designed to have popular appeal.”