Earmarked donations

In case of donations the value of which exceeds 30 PLN, the Donor may specify the objective towards which the funds shall be applied. In each case, the objective in question shall be described in detail in the relevant donation agreement (Earmarked donations).

In particular, earmarked donations can have the following purpose:

  • providing support for the maintenance/development/extension of the core exhibition,
  • providing support for temporary exhibitions,
  • providing support for the activities of the Educational Centre,
  • providing support for any public activities (travelling exhibitions, cultural, artistic or other events),
  • providing funds for the implementation of technological solutions,
  • providing support for projects implemented by the Museum, such as “The Polish Righteous – Restoring Memory”, “Polish Intercultural Youth Encounters”, “Virtual Shtetl”, “Polish Roots in Israel”, “The Keepsakes Collection”, “The Central Judaica Database” and others,
  • position endowment,
  • funding research activities and conferences,
  • providing support for other programmes of the Museum.

Pursuant to the agreement concluded in December 2010 on the cooperation in the field of fundraising, the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland and POLIN Museum maintain a common donor distinction scheme which is laid down in the Terms and Conditions for Acceptance of Donations and Donor Distinctions.