POLIN Meeting Point, Muzeum POLIN
Opis zdjęcia: Sześć osób - mężczyźni i kobiety - stoją w grupie i rozmawiają. Na pierwszym panie dwie kobiety w środku i po prawej oraz mężczyzna po lewej. Uczestnicy PMP, fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Information for participants


19 August – 1 September 2019


POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, in Warsaw


We will invite 11 people from each country (Israel, Germany, Poland and Ukraine) to participate in the summer school, who are interested in the culture and history of Polish Jews.

The school is designed for people who already have the adequate knowledge that is required to take an active part in classes, who are willing to use their newly acquired knowledge in their future research, and who are open to dialogue and cooperation.

Some of the participants will be selected through an open recruitment procedure, while the remaining places will be made available to students of universities that cooperate with the museum in the execution of the summer school. All classes will be conducted in English, therefore candidates interested in the summer school should have a very good command of English (no language certificates required).

The participants will be selected in a two-stage recruitment process.

  • The first stage involves completing an application form by 1 May 2019 (application form below).  
  • The second stage is an interview. Based on the applications, the organizers will shortlist a group of people who will then be invited to in situ or Skype interviews (in May 2019).

Due to the differences in the education systems in the four countries participating in POLIN Meeting Point, the group of participants of POLIN Meeting Point does not have to be a uniform age group. 

Cost of participation

The Organizer covers the costs of accommodation and meals, and reimburses travel expenses in accordance with the thresholds given below:

  • maximum reimbursement for travel costs of participants from Poland – 300.00 PLN,
  • maximum reimbursement for travel costs of participants from Germany – 1300.00 PLN,
  • maximum reimbursement for travel costs of participants from Israel – 1800.00 PLN,
  • maximum reimbursement for travel costs of participants from Ukraine – 1300.00 PLN.

Travel costs will be refunded by the Organizer after the end of the summer school. The condition for receiving the reimbursement is full participation in the summer school.

Persons in a difficult financial situation who cannot afford to buy a ticket are asked to report this to the address [email protected] after receiving admission to the program. In such cases the Organizer will buy the ticket.

The participant must cover all costs related to their personal travel insurance.

Right of publicity

The Organizer reserves the right to record and publish materials related to the course of the project. The participants grant the Organizer a royalty-free right to use the photos and videos with their image, as well as to the materials presented and developed by the participants during the project without the need to seek their approval in every case.

Terms and Conditions for the recruitment and participation >>

Contact and information

Program coordinator: Zofia Bojańczyk, [email protected]


The implementation of the project is possible due to the support of the Nissenbaum Family Foundation and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland.



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