Na tle mapy czerwony napis Muranów.
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Muranów Station - walking tour with mp3

This place is bizarre [...]to a passer-by it’s like a dream, who doesn’t know what lurks behind the corner...

The mp3 recording of a guided walk around Muranow, based on Beata Chomątowska's book “Stacja Muranów” (Muranow Station), can finally be downloaded.

We’ll take you to the most interesting places and tell you the story of buildings and of people.

It’s a story of how people remember Muranow. From the old Nalewki and the air of the district at the beginning of the XX century, to the Second World War and the construction of a model housing development for the New Socialist Man, to the newest point on the district’s map – the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Through the eyes of Muranow’s inhabitants, creators and visitors.

We’ll help you understand why Muranow is a special part of the city.

See the most interesting places, relive the history of buildings and people, discover Muranow for yourself!

The audioguide was developed by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews based on Beata Chomątowska’s book “Stacja Muranow” and can be downloaded free of charge in a Polish and English language version.

DOWNLOAD THE AUDIOGUIDE (To download the file, right-click on link and save it to your computer by selecting “Save target as”. Then save it to your mp3 player and you’re ready to go – the walk begins at the Dluga St. exit of Ratusz Arsenal metro station)