Concert by Lora Szafran

Concert by Lora Szafran, promoting her newest album “Nad ranem”.

Lora Szafran is considered one of Poland’s finest jazz artists. Her newest CD will include pieces by such giants of Polish pop music as Seweryn Krajewski and Michał Urbaniak, with lyrics by Jonasz Kofta, Andrzej Poniedzielski, Adam Nowak (Raz Dwa Trzy), Dariusz Dusza (Shakin Dudi, Dżem), Piotr Brymas and Tomasz Wachnowski.

“After many years of singing I am mature enough to take on such songs. Varied songs, but with good lyrics that I choose knowing what I am singing about, and those in which I propose the style in which we will do the piece to the composers,” the artist says of her new album.

Lora Szafran’s previous album “Sekrety życia według Leonarda Cohena” (Secrets of Life According to Leonard Cohen) was named a gold record.

Event organized by Septyma Agency.

Place: Auditorium
Tickets – 45 PLN regular ticket, 35 PLN discount ticket.

(+48) 22 47 10 301