David goes to Israel – a performance

A play by Jędrzej Piaskowski and Hubert Sulima is a theatrical phantasy referring to the history and culture of Jews in Poland, spanning over many centuries. Polish parents, who are bringing up an adopted boy, decide to give him back his - so far hidden - Jewish identity. Performance is co-produced by TR Warszawa.

25 January 2019 (Friday), 7 PM, TR Warszawa, 8 Marszałkowska St., PURCHASE >>
26 January 2019 (Saturday), 5 PM, TR Warszawa, 
8 Marszałkowska St., PURCHASE >>
27 January 2019 (Sunday), 5 PM, TR Warszawa, 8 Marszałkowska St., PURCHASE >>

    Language of the performance: POLISH.