"Don’t Cry When I’m Gone" by Sławomir Grünberg – film premiere and meeting

Nie płacz kiedy odjadę - premiera filmu
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

The EMMY award-winning director S. Grünberg has created an extraordinary portrait of Wanda Sieradzka, a Jewish girl who survived the Holocaust and was able to overcome her trauma, build a family and make an artistic career.

The title of the film comes from a famous song for which Sieradzka wrote the lyrics, with music by Marino Marini, an Italian musician who enjoyed great popularity in the 1960s. Other artists who performed the songs included Jerzy Połomsk and the band Czerwone Gitary.

The screening will be followed by a meeting with the director and Wanda Sieradzka’s son, Zygmunt Sieradzki. Meeting hosted by Remigiusz Grzela.

October 2; 6 PM, free admission

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