13.01 - 23.02.2017

Echoes – 100 Years in Finnish Design and Architecture

Echoes - 100 Years in Finnish Design and Architecture
Echoes - 100 Years in Finnish Design and Architecture, fot. @Echoes

The exhibition presents selected works of Finnish architects and designers, created over the past one hundred years.

  Why would Finnish design be interesting for others?

It is never about the objects that you see. Instead, it is about seeing behind objects.

Our design comes from our society, transparency, openness and care.

From our work, you can learn about our culture.

  Ville Hara, Avanto Architects, source: @Echoes
  • 13 January – 23 February, exhibition accessible within the opening hours of the Museum, free admission

The award-winning POLIN Museum building, designed by Finnish architect Rainer Mahlamäki, remains an excellent example of their achievements.

Finland’s geographic location and the prevailing natural conditions inspire the artists to seek simple ways of expression and solutions to the challenges of everyday life. It is those issues which remain at the core of the exhibition, aimed at design and architecture professionals and the general audience alike.

The exhibition accompanies the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Finland.


It is easy to agree that the strongest characteristic of Finnish design is the social aspect. In fact, it is a part of our education, and as a result it is not added on top or treated as an extra field. Design and architecture have a very special role in Finland. It is a Scandinavian phenomenon to see design in a much wider way. We do not only consider the visual side of our work, we look towards the improvement of the society through design. The visuality is critical and we must not forget it – but in Finland we also strive to understand the mental impact of design.
Rainer Mahlamäki, source: @Echoes