European Discussions: Jews and Holocaust in European Public Discourse – conference

fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Jewish presence in Europe and the Holocaust, perpetrated here, are an important element of public discourse in most European countries. The most heated controversies and discussions to date have been about coming to terms with Nazism, co-responsibility for crimes committed during the Holocaust, lack of a proper reaction to the Holocaust or deriving profit from the extermination of Jews. These discussions are at various stages in different countries; in some cases they are far advanced, in others just beginning. In some countries, contemporary issues – Israeli policy, ritual slaughter, or circumcision – have also given rise to lively debates. Specialists from Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary and from other European countries will present during this one-day conference the most important debates that took place in their countries in the last years. The conference is also a good opportunity for the meeting of young leaders of the Jewish communities from some of the European countries and for discussions regarding their development perspectives.

Organizers: EUNIC Warsaw, POLIN Museum

Languages: Polish, English (simultaneous translation)

Conference Program

10:00 AM–12:00 PM Session 1

  • Dr. Albert Lichtblau (Austria): Austrian Holocaust memory in its triangle of nationalism, European identities and memory globalization
  • Daniel Gerson (Switzerland): Remembrance of the Holocaust and the Role of Survivors Memoirs in Switzerland
  • Tadeusz Sobolewski (Poland): „Ida” censored
  •  Sergey Lagodinsky (Germany): Jewish life in Germany: Tradition and Diversity 70 byears after Holocaust

12:30–2:30 PM Session 2

  • Adrian Cioflâncă (Romania): Explaining Antisemitic Violence in Romanian Postwar Narratives
  • András Kovács (Hungary): Jews and Jewish identity in post-communist Hungary
  • Michael Sobelman (Israel): Between the Vistula and the Jordan. To be a Pole in Israel
  • mgr Stanislava Šikulová (Slovakia): Remembering and the Holocaust education in Slovakia

3:30–5:30 PM Session 3

The Young Generation of Jews and the Public Debates
Participants: Abraham Hayman (Poland), Dan Fishman (Austria), Diana Medan (Romania), Ádám Schönberger (Hungary)

June 15, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, free admittance