Film Screening of 'Tonia and Her Children'

Kadr z filmu
Kadr z filmu "Tonia i jej dzieci", reż. Marcel Łoziński. Na zdjęciu: Tonia Lechtman z synem i córką.

Film Screening of 'Tonia and Her Children' by Marcel Łoziński with introductory remarks by Dr. Przemysław Kaniecki: Tonia Lechtman’s personal archive in the collections of the POLIN Museum.

A documentary on the life of Jewish communist Tonia Lechtman who was sentenced to 5 years in prison after the war. The figure of Tonia Lechtman is presented through the prism of her prison correspondence as well as the reminiscences of her adult children, Wera and Marcel, who recall being separated from their mother, and being moved from one orphanage to the other. The documentary poses vital questions on difficult family relations, the influence of parents’ choices on their children’s fate, and the social ostracism stemming from those choices.

The screening will be proceeded by a short introduction by Dr. Przemysław Kaniecki from the POLIN Museum Collection Department. Dr. Kaniecki will talk about the archival resources on the subject of Tonia Lechtman. 
'Tonia and Her Children', Poland 2011, 57'.
Direction: Marcel Łoziński. Script: Marcel Łoziński. Cooperation: Anna Bikont. Cinematography: Jacek Petrycki, Magdalena Kowalczyk, Paweł Łoziński. Montage: Przemysław Chruścielewski. Music: Maria Bikont. Music consultation: Małgorzata Jaworska. Sound: Sławomir Szatkowski, Iwo Klimek. Producer: Barbara Ławska, Kamil Dobrosielski. Production: Kronika Film Studio (together with the Polish Film Institute).


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