Made in POLIN Festival // REFERENCES - 2nd edition

Muzeum POLIN nocą, oświetlone.
fot. Magda Starowieyska

This year's edition of the Made in POLIN festival will focus on quotations: intercultural borrowings, things that are transformed and sometimes appropriated. Paraphrases, polemics, and remixes. Words, sounds, images, objects, and ideas. In popular and highbrow culture, in daily life and art. Humourously and seriously.

  • 21-23 October, free admission, reservations required, reservations start on September 21

The "Sounds of Pre-war Zamenhofa Street" project will reach its conclusion during the festival. For six months, volunteers - supervised by experts - have collected information on the history of this important part of pre-war Jewish Warsaw – the place where POLIN Museum is now located. The result of their work became an inspiration for artists who have prepared installations, concerts and other special projects for the Made in POLIN festival.

Events of the festival Made in POLIN

The concert "REICH // JIMEK // QUOTATIONS" and the project "The Sounds of Pre-war Zamenhofa Street" are organized by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.
The project is co-sponsored by Fundacja PZU
The project is co-sponsored by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage
The project is co-sponsored by the Capital City of Warsaw