The Muranow Festival 2018

Święto Muranowa, 2018
fot. materiały prasowe

The Muranów Festival on a square at 13 Andersa Street. It is organized by Multi-Generational Club-Cafe run by the Śródmieście Cultural Centre, with the support of the Municipal Council. The Festival will provide an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the district and its residents. Many organisations and associations, as well as restaurants, cafes, and services will organize their stands during the Festival.

15 September (Saturday), 2 PM, language: PL, free admission

12 noon – 2 PM, The Jewish Street – a tour of the core exhibition and the Muranów district
free admission, booking required, FREE ENTRY TICKET >>
meeting point: POLIN Museum main hall

Join us on a time travel—from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. We will tour the POLIN Museum core exhibition and parts of Muranów. We will talk about the life and the look of many non-existing places and will ponder to what extent the past is still present within today’s modern estate. 

2 PM – 5 PM, How did Jewish children play 100 years ago? – a family workshop
free admission 
meeting point: square at 13 Andersa Street

How do you play coin football and how do you spin the dreidl? How come one hears Yiddish in some of the Polish counting rhymes? We will find out how Jewish children played in the courtyards of prewar Northern District. We are going to play with the toys we will have produced ourselves.