20.10.2013 17:00

"Never Forget to Lie"

Never Forget to Lie, dir. Marian Marzyński (USA, 2013). Polish premiere at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

During the course of his 50-year career, filmmaker Marian Marzyński has occasionally turned his cameras on himself and his story of surviving the Holocaust that claimed his father and millions of other European Jews.

In his latest film, Marzyński returns to Poland and the Jewish ghettos of his childhood. But this time, he is not alone: In Never Forget to Lie, Marzyński chronicles the poignant, painful recollections of other child survivors, offering a rare perspective on the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of its youngest victims. The film also explores the conflicted feelings regarding national, cultural and religious identity many survivors hold as a result of their wartime experiences.

“The Holocaust story has been told by others; this is our turn,” Marzyński says. “In our old bodies, we are still children.”

About the film:

“People near the end of their lives sometimes visit places of their childhood to recapture moments of happiness. Marzyński takes his heroes on a tour of the stairwells, courtyards and cellars of tenement houses in the Warsaw Ghetto. American retirees recognize the places through which they fled, their pace quickens, their voices breaking, while he runs after them with his microphone or tells the viewer of his own escape, since their story is also his. The silhouettes of mothers and fathers appear on the walls, parents they were never to see again. This is their return to childhood. Catharsis? Yes.” Wilhelm Dichter, writer

“A shocking film. Every one of the stories told is one to equal Greek tragedies. A child faced with the dilemma: remember your mother and father or live. They survived, but at what cost! Through these heart-rending images, Marzyński conveys the value of the loss suffered by the youngest generation of those who lived through the Holocaust, asking: Who are you? What do you remember of your childhood? No one had spoken of this before in such a painfully moving way.” A. Marek Drążewski, documentary filmmaker

After the film join us for a unique discussion with Marian Marzyński.


Film – English with Polish subtitles

Discussion – Polish

Film Biographies – film cycle

The cycle will present the lives and work of contemporary Polish filmmakers of Jewish origin. The first film we will be showing is Marian Marzyński’s Never Forget to Lie.