"Strong Man", 1929

A modern version of Stanisław Przybyszewski’s psychological novel, inspired by the Nietzschean idea of the Übermensch. The main character, Bielecki, yearns for artistic recognition and power over women. In order to obtain them, he murders a writer friend and claims authorship of his work. Yet, upon falling in love, he is radically transformed…

Henryk Szaro (born Henoch Szapiro) was one of the most prominent pre-war Polish film directors. Strong Man is his greatest achievement. Szaro was shot by the Germans in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942.

Music: Marcin & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś DUO (double bass, percussion)

The Oleś brothers create their own original music, chiefly inspired by jazz. They perform as a duet and accompany jazz musicians from all over the world. They have worked with David Murray, Rob Brown, Chris Speed and Erika Friedlander. Their music proves beyond all doubt that bass and percussion are enough to create music that is complete and unique in its own right.

Tickets – 10 PLN. Joint ticket for all films – 30 PLN

Summer_Cinema_Music Film Cycle - Silent Cinema with Live Music

Summer entertainment with a grain of nostalgia for a vanished world: the theatrical gestures of Pola Negri in Bestia, the surprising plot of An Unknown Soldier’s Grave, sudden love, which needs to overcome an array of obstacles in The Cult of the Body, and the moral dilemmas of the Strong Man, capable of committing a crime in order to obtain fame.

The pre-war Polish film industry would not exist without artists of Jewish origin. Unfortunately most of their films have been lost. Today, we can only see a handful of the silent masterpieces of Aleksander Hertz, Ryszard Ordyński, Michał Waszyński and Henryk Szaro. In July, we will bring these films back to life, accompanied by great live music.
Featuring musicians: Marcin Masecki, Michał Grott, Michał Szlempo, Marcin & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś DUO, Infant Joy