“The Believer”, 2001

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“The Believer”, Henry Bean, 2001.

One of the most important films in recent times about Neo-Nazism and religious confusion. The story of a young Jew whose revolt against God and his Jewish community takes the radical form of fanatical anti-Semitism. The director’s inspiration came from the story of a boy who joined the American Nazi Party in 1965, and committed suicide when his Jewish background was revealed.

Henry Bean’s feature debut was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival as well as a Golden St. George at the Moscow International Film Festival. The film became an important stepping stone in the acting career of Ryan Gosling, who played the main part.

Three films will be shown as part of the “Film – Ideologies – Nazism” cycle. Leni Riefenstahl’s propaganda “Triumph of the Will”, filmed during the 1934 NSDAP congress in Nuremberg, documents the beginnings of the mass fascination with Nazism. “The White Ribbon” (Michael Haneke, 2009) is an attempt to dig down to the deepest roots of evil, where it is still dormant and therefore unpredictable. Set in modern-day America, “The Believer” (Henry Bean, 2001) shows a no less radical and dangerous way of thinking.

Triumph of the Will – free admission. Admission to other films in the cycle – 5 PLN.

“Film – Ideologies – Nazism”:

03.10.2013, 7.00 PM“Triumph of the Will” (Triumph des Willens), Leni Riefenstahl, 1934

09.10.2013, 7.00 PM“The White Ribbon” (Das Weisse Band), Michael Haneke, 2009

16.10.2013, 7.00 PM – “The Believer”, Henry Bean, 2001