The Hourglass Bleeds Still - concert/performance Delirium Ensemble 17.0

Krew. Łączy i dzieli / Blood uniting and dividing - grafika promująca wystawę.
projekt: Adam Żebrowski

The Hourglass Bleeds Still – under this title, taken from the composition of the esteemed Israeli composer Chayi Czernowin - a special concert/performance inspired by the “Blood. Uniting & Dividing” exhibition will take place. The author of the event’s concept is Wiktor Kociuban - conductor and founder of the international organization of tomorrow's art: Delirium-Edition. On the Auditorium stage, we will see a unique multimedia performance rendered by 15 musicians, a conductor and VJ, and we will hear songs at the borderline of musical genres that cannot easily be pigeonholed.

  • 20 January (sobota), godz. 19:00

During the evening with Delirium Ensemble we will hear four Polish compositions played for the first time in our country (including one world premiere!), inspired by the motif of blood and written over the last years. The music will be accompanied by a specially prepared stage design, costumes and video screening to create a holistic performance.

The concert will be opened by Fausto Romitelli's composition: “Blood on the Floor, Painting 1986”, inspired by the painting of Francis Bacon with the same title. A prematurely deceased Italian composer, rebellious rocker and guitarist who went underground to create new art, has already become a cult figure among young musicians. Romitelli's works, although played all over the world, are practically not performed in Poland. The composer combines “high” and “low” music, classical compositions with popular and alternative tunes. According to Delirium-Edition, there is no high, low, classical or popular music - only good and bad music.

“In my works, I treat sound as something material, having shape, thickness, texture, density, flexibility, the way it reflects light. Hence, compositions are like sound sculptures” - Romitelli wrote about his work.

Like the sculpture by Anish Kapoor currently presented in the main hall of the POLIN Museum - “Blood Cinema” – which allows visitors to the “Blood. Uniting & Dividing” exhibition to look at the surrounding reality through a unique filter, so “Blood on the floor” by Bacon, according to the will of the painter, should be watched through the glass. In this way, in the primitivism and brutality of that patch of blood, we can see our own reflection. In Romitelli's case, blood is a pretext to return to the original situation: reaching to the beginnings of human creativity.

Then we will hear the piece that gave the title to the whole evening –The Hourglass Bleeds Still by Chayi Czernowin, one of the most esteemed Israeli composers. Yair Klartag also comes from Israel – among other engagements he worked as an assistant to George Friedrich Haas at Columbia University. Both creators have not only the same country of country of origin but also similar themes of their compositions. Czernowin refers to blood as a pulse affecting the perception of reality and time, the rhythm of our body and life, which along with the oscillation of the heart rate shortens and lengthens accordingly. Heartbeat, pulse, this is obviously the first rhythm which, repeated with the claps of the hand on the chest, and later on the drum, gave birth to music. On the other hand, Klartag in his work asks about blood in the context of art - its meaning and perception after the events of World War II.

The last composition of the concert will be a reference to blood in the medical sense, as a substance affecting our awareness and perception of the world. Romitelli will return with his most famous piece – “Professor Bad Trip”, and the music will be a reflection of the world, which, along with the change in the chemical composition of blood, becomes completely reversed. The “Professor bad trip” trilogy is also openly inspired by the work of Francis Bacon (especially “Three Studies for Self-Portrait”), and by referring to the initial work will enclose the concert in a common frame.

The program of the event:

  • Fausto Romitelli – Blood on the Floor, Painting 1986 // composed 2000 (Polish premiere)
  • Chaya Czernowin - Dam Sheon Hachol (The Hourglass Bleeds Still) // composed 1992 (Polish premiere)
  • Yair Klartag – On writing poetry // composed 2013 / 2017 (World premiere of the new version with video layer)
  • Fausto Romitelli – Professor Bad Trip // composed 1998-2000 (Polish premiere)

During the evening with the Delirium Ensemble 17.0 in the POLIN Museum, the material will be recorded and later released as an album.

We invite you to an encounter with the authors - musicians of Delirium Ensemble 17.0 - which will take place in the Auditorium foyer after the concert/performance. You may also buy publications related to the artists of Delirium Ensemble.

We are honoured to present on our stage e.g.:

  • flute: Delphine Grataloup
  • clarinet: Azra Ramic
  • trumpet: Max Asselborn
  • trombone: Kevin Austin
  • tuba: Mateusz Sejdak
  • violine: Anna Kwiatkowska
  • violine: Bartek Staniak
  • viola: Radosław Jarocki
  • viola: Tomasz Rosiński
  • cello: Tomasz Daroch
  • ebass: Łukasz Owczynnikow
  • electric guitar: Wojciech Błażejczyk
  • drums: Carlota Caceres
  • piano: Demetre Gamsachurdia
  • VJ: Anna Sztwiertnia
  • electronics: Sławomir Wojciechowski
Conductor / concept / organisation: Wiktor Kociuban








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