Theater: "All Backs Were Turned"
Fot. Krzysztof Bieliński

Marek Hłasko’s famous novel All Backs Were Turned, directed by one of Poland’s foremost young theater directors, Michał Zadara. Featuring: Edward Linde Lubaszenko, Anna Cieślak and Barbara Wysocka, Arkadiusz Brykalski, Mateusz Janicki, Oskar Hamerski, Michał Kruk.

Hłasko tells the story of Polish Jews in Israel in the 1950s, creating a fascinating mosaic composed of the lives of people trying to cope with their own experiences after the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel. The story is a look at the fate of Polish Jews from a completely different angle, presented by a Polish writer who is not typically associated with Jewish themes. The staging will be very simple, involving nothing but the actors, the text, old tape recorders, gramophones, a video installation and a parachute.

The project is a co-production of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the CENTRALA Theater (affiliated with the Foundation of Economy and Public Administration) and the Teatr Nowy in Łódź.

Michał Zadara – theater director. Michał Zadara studied theater and politics at Swarthmore College, oceanography at Woods Hole and theater directing in Krakow. He assisted and worked with Małgorzata Szczęśniak, Kazimierz Kutz, Jan Peszek and Armin Petras. He has directed for: Teatr Wybrzeże (Gdańsk), Stary Teatr (Krakow), Teatr Współczesny (Wrocław), Teatr Narodowy (Warsaw), Teatr Współczesny (Szczecin), Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, The HaBima in Tel Aviv, and the Capitol in Wrocław. He is a recipient of the Polityka “Passport” award (2007). Author of independent films and video installations.

Marek Hłasko (1934-1969) – Polish prose and screen writer. A rebel, nonconformist, he was often dubbed the “Polish James Dean”. In 1953, working as a “simple driver”, he received a scholarship from the Polish Writers’ Union and began to intensify his writing efforts, soon to be hailed one of Poland’s most promising young writers. He left Poland in 1958 for Paris, never to return (the communist authorities refused to grant him re-entry). He spent two years in Israel, where the action of his novel All Backs Were Turned is set. In 1966, he left for California at the invitation of Roman Polanski. He was a friend of the famous jazz musician and composer Krzysztof Komeda, who suffered a tragic accident while on a walk with Hłasko in December 1968. Hłasko died in unexplained circumstances in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1969.

His work, describing the grim reality of life under communism, unfulfilled dreams, the struggle against everyday brutality, defied social realist conventions. Hłasko’s writing was banned from print in Poland until the late 1980s.

Performances: July 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th

Language: Polish with English subtitles

Tickets: regular price – 50 PLN, reduced price – 30 PLN

(+48) 22 47 10 301


The play is a co-production of:

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