Tłomackie in memoriam – a concert

Wielka Synagoga Tłomackiem - spłowiałe czarno-białe zdjęcie sprzed II wojny światowej
fot. Żydowski Instytut Historyczny

On 16 May 1943 the Germans blew up the Great Synagogue on Tłomackie Street. The date is considered a symbolic end of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. In order to pay tribute to Polish cantorial music which had once resonated in the building, we invite you to the premiere of theTAW: koncert – misterium project by Marcin Lenarczyk (DJ Lenar). 

  • 16 May (Tuesday), 7 PM

You will also have a chance to listen to Musikaliszer Pinkos, a project of Arturas Bumšteinas, a Lithuanian composer, based on Hassidic songs collected by Abraham Berstein in 1923.