Warsaw September 1939 - a city walk

duża grupa uczestników spaceru miejskiego organizowanego przez Muzeum Polin
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

During the walk, we find places that are related to the events of the beginig of the World War II in Warsaw. We will look at them from the perspective of Jewish residents who actively participated in the defense of their city.

September (Sunday), 2.30PM, tickets: PLN 15 (regular), PLN 10 (reduced), BUY TICKET >>

I wanted Warsaw to be great. When I speak to you now, I see it through windows in all its greatness and glory, surrounded by clouds of smoke, reddened by flames of fire, a magnificent, indestructible, great, fighting Warsaw – this is what the mayor of the capital, Stefan Starzyński, said in September 1939, to raise the morale of the inhabitants of the besieged city.