Zionism in Poland, Poland in Zionism

 Social experiments such as creation of a kibbutz movement in Poland were aimed at preparing emigrants to swift adaptation once in the Eretz. These experiments were rooted in the idea of creating “new Jews”—physically fit, brave and capable of building a new state. The archetypes of Polish national heroes served as a model in the process while Polish struggle for independence was a signpost.

Podcast: audio report from the discussion (5.04.2018):

Organisation of the Zionist movement which developed in interwar Poland varied. Members of various groups and Zionist organisations in the Second Republic presented different attitudes towards the Polish State, including its independence. The issue of election to the legislative bodies as well as local governments only sharpened these divisions. Polish language, used in political propaganda, became a tool of the press which propagated the idea.

Lecture delivered by Prof. Anna Landau-Czajka, sociologist and historian, member of the Programming Board at the Jewish Historical Institute and the Academic Board at the Institute of History at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Her research interests are in the field of Polish-Jewish relations, history of women and social history of the twentieth century. Author of a number books, among them: W jednym stali domu... Koncepcje rozwiązania kwestii żydowskiej w publicystyce polskiej lat 1933-1939, Co Alicja odkrywa po własnej stronie lustra. Życie codzienne, społeczeństwo, władza w podręcznikach dla dzieci najmłodszych 1785-2000, Syn będzie Lech... Asymilacja Żydów w Polsce międzywojennej, Polska to nie oni. Polska i Polacy w polskojęzycznej prasie żydowskiej II Rzeczypospolitej.

Lecture in the series A Dream Fulfilled. Polish Jews and the Establishment of the State of Israel.


Lecture is part of the Global Education Outreach Program

The lecture has been made possible thanks to the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture, William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland.