Online entry form to a competition for a concept and production of a short film. 

Deadline for submitting competition entries: 31 August 2019, 11:59PM.

All details about competition you will find on Rules of the film competition >>

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Basic information
Please attach a short CV of the author(s) written in third person, including a selected film list and a list of awards granted (if applicable). (max. 2000 characters with spaces)
Why did you decide to enter the competition and what is your personal engagement in the subject matter? (max. 1500 characters with spaces)
If your film tells a history of a community, what is your personal relation to it? (max. 1500 characters with spaces)
Film proposal
(max. 250 characters with spaces)
(max. 1200 characters with spaces)
(max. 7000 characters with spaces)
Preliminary budget for the film—such budget should contain combined introductory cost of the project (including documentation, copy rights and licences, travels, prospective administrative costs, taxes and other public obligations, etc.), estimated cost of production (including remuneration of the film crew and authors, stage design, cost of equipment, film plan support etc.) and estimated cost of post-production (including cost of editing, sound engineering etc.). Budget should contain the total cost of production of a film entering the competition. The competition jury will revise the accuracy of the budget preparations, and budget adequacy to the film production and artistic premises. Final budget for the film will be submitted by the Laureate no later than 5 days prior to signing the Agreement with the Museum, with the stipulation that the difference between the final budget and the preliminary budget cannot exceed 10%, nor can it exceed the sum of 56,000 PLN gross.
You can attach a file with budget (.xlsx, .xls, .docx, .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt). The maximum size of the uploaded file - 2MB.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx xls xlsx.
Graphics, video or audio recordings you want to add to the application (.gif, .jpg, .png, .avi, .mp3, .wav, .rar, .zip). Maximum size of the uploaded file - 2MB. If you would like to attach several files, pack them into a .zip folder.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png avi mp3 wav.
Artistic output to date
We would like to get acquainted with your artistic work to date; the easiest way would be via a website or an access to Internet platforms with film material posted online. It is also acceptable to upload a file with the film in one of the following formats: avi, mp3, mov, wav, ogg, zip, rar - and attach it to the competition entry form. We expect you to list at least one film of any length that was shared with the public on the Internet, in cinemas, at film festivals, on tv or through any other channel that makes it available to wide audiences. By “realized films” the Organizer understands films in which applicant or applicants played one of the following roles: director, cinematographer, scriptwriter, editor, producer.
Title | Duration | Year of production | Link to a webpage or a file with the film (max. 128 MB)
Files must be less than 128 MB.
Allowed file types: avi mov mp3 ogg wav rar zip.
In response to the call for entries to the competition I thereby propose to produce one film in consonance with the competition offer submitted and meeting the competition requirements for the gross sum of: _______________________ (the sum offered cannot exceed the amount of 56,000 PLN (ca 15 000 USD) gross).