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GEOP: Open Calls

Current applications

  • Three month doctoral fellowships and five month postdoctoral fellowships, which will begin in January 2020.
    Application deadline: 19 May 2019.

    The program’s goal is to support research in the field of the history and culture of Jews in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the countries at present within its borders. It aims at stimulating the development and expansion of the group of scholars specializing in this subject. Priority will be given to research that requires using collections of source materials kept in Warsaw.

  • International Academic  Conference Biographies and Politics: Involvement of Jews and Activists of Jewish Origin in Leftist Movements in 19th- and 20th- Century Poland"
    Application deadline: 31 May 2019.

    The aim of the conference is to outline the actual involvement of Jews and activists of Jewish origin in the leftist movements of the 19th and 20th centuries from the perspective of individual motivations, ideological choices and personal biographies.

  • Interdisciplinary Research Workshops 2020
    Application deadline: 31 July 2019.

    POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews - through the Global Education Outreach Program - invites scholars and academic institutions to propose three-day research workshops.
    GEOP Interdisciplinary Research Workshops may be devoted to any topic of relevance in Polish-Jewish Studies such as history, cultural studies, art history, public history, museology, memory studies or related subjects. We invite applications which approach the field from new and innovative perspectives and especially encourage interdisciplinary and comparative research.

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