"Remnants - The Last Jews of Poland" relaunched as an eBook

Okładka książki "Remnants" - na niej mężczyzna i kobieta; kobieta kładzie głowę na ramieniu mężczyzny.
fot. Tomasz Tomaszewski

The book is a joint work of Małgorzata Niezabitowska and photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski. "Remnants - The Last Jews of Poland" is a unique album documenting the life of the last 4-5 thousand Jews who remained in Poland after the forced emmigration in 1968.

First printed edition was published in 1986. Current edition has been relaunched in the form of eBook in the new layout, with more photos and a new foreword.

English version can be purchased from the iTunes store. Polish version will be available soon.