My Dog Lala

Author: Roman Kent

Pages: 56

Publisher: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

How to tell a child about what the Holocaust was?

The story of little Romek and his dog Lala which takes place in the Łódź ghetto can help one understand what the war really is, what real violence means and how it feels to be humiliated.

From the author’s preface:

"The relationships between children and their pets including, in particular, the relationships between children and their dogs, are quite exceptional, filled with tenderness and very often forming the basis for wonderful, uplifting stories. I have survived the Holocaust and yet, among the many stories that I have to tell, there is one which I may call truly extraordinary. I would like to tell you a story about my little dog Lala. [...] Today, the lessons about life which Lala taught us when we were young appear to be more important than they ever were."