Past Internship Positions

Past Internship Position
fot. M. Święcicki / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

A short description of the positions held by Greenberg Family International Interns in summer 2018.


Digital Collections

Friederike Gehrmann is pursuing an MA in the History and Culture of Middle and Eastern Europe at European University Viadrina, Germany. As an intern in the Digital Collections Department, Friederike was primarily responsible for proofreading the text of the newly updated German-language version of the Virtual Shtetl web portal. She also wrote an article on the expropriation of Jewish property in Wrocław by the Nazi administration for the portal. Friederike was involved with several of the museum’s projects involving Polish-German cooperation, including the Polin Meeting Point – Summer Education School.


Magda Socha has a BA in Identity Politics from New York University and she is currently pursuing a post-bac degree in Psychology at Columbia University, United States of America. As an intern in the Education Department, Magda worked primarily with our School and Family Education team. With them she worked to develop and run workshops for children and their parents on a variety of topics related to Jewish history and culture, such as: Polish-Jewish food and Rosh Hashanah. Magda was also involved in the organization of several conferences at the museum.




Sara Luxmoore is pursuing a BSc in Politics and Philosophy at The London School of Economics and  Political Science. As an intern in the Education Department, Sara Luxmoore was involved with our projects that cooperate with Israel, especially the training of Israeli guides. She worked on proof-reading and editing the English language panels that were part of a series of exhibition panels on the role of Poles in the creation of the state of Israel. Sara Luxmoore was doing research for: an online course for educators in Israel and Poland, and a lecture about the development of archeology and the role it played in the Jewish story. She was also involved with organizing the lecture series about the role of Poles in the creation of the state of Israel.


Imogen Bayley is a PhD candidate in History at the Central European University, Hungary. She has received an MA in History from the Central European University, Hungary. As an intern in the Research Department, Imogen Bayley was involved with their preparations for upcoming events. Imogen Bayley was proofreading a wide variety of English-language texts that the Research Department was preparing for publication. She helped to organize the upcoming GEOP conferences and workshops. She also wrote her own proposal for a GEOP workshop, and submitted it for consideration for 2018.