Amsterdam, 7-9.11.2018

Project Partners meeting

Horizontal Historical Education in Non-discriminative Activities
photo: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The members of the core group of the project, consisting of representatives from the three partners, met to discuss all aspects of the project. The manuals and the catalogue of good practices were discussed in the working groups that were installed during the kick-off meeting in Warsaw (May, 2018).

The working groups on the manuals for police and teachers first looked into the achievements so far. They reviewed the proposals for the manuals, they went through the content in detail, they discussed changes and moreover, they discussed what manuals still needed to be created, what the main focus should be and how the manuals will eventually be used in the framework of the trainings for police and teachers.

The meeting on the catalogue focussed mainly on the scope of this product: the target group was defined more precisely and a selection of good practices and model projects, as proposed by the partners, were discussed. Also, the introduction to the catalogue, being a video clip in which the partners shed light on their particular educational approach, was discussed.

Besides these meeting in which the progress of the project was at stake, colleagues from the Anne Frank House presented several new educational projects by the Anne Frank House that served as an inspiration for the participants.

Finally, the participants agreed on a timeline for the rest of the project.