Jewish Cultural Heritage

Crossing the borders: building a network for cooperation

Przy dwuosobowych stolikach dyskutują pary: kobieta i mężczyzna przy stoliku na pierwszym planie, w tle widać młodego człowieka oraz dojrzałego mężczyznę w kipie.
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Goal: creating and supporting an all-Polish and international network of cooperation and a platform for the exchange of experience for entities involved in the protection and popularisation of Jewish heritage and intercultural education in Poland, Norway and other European countries.  

Recipients: the so-called multiplicators, i.e. persons with a potential to shape the opinions and views of others, among them: educators, local activists, leaders of local governments, museum and other institutions of culture employees. 

  • POLIN Award is granted to individuals and organizations engaged in the lives of their local communities and fulfilling POLIN Museum’s mission: “To recall and preserve the history of the memory of Polish Jews, contributing to mutual understanding and respect amongst Poles and Jews as well as other societies of Europe and the world.” We will document and promote the activities of POLIN Award laureates as well as the of the candidates for the Award. 
  • Numerous study visits at POLIN Museum, courses, workshops, seminars and expert trips to support grass root initiatives aimed at the preservation of the Jewish heritage and intercultural dialogue.
  • International workshops and seminars in cooperation with our partners in Norway. Together with the Falstad Center, we will organize eight events, among them seminars focusing on employing modern technologies in education. Together with Jewish museum in Oslo and Trondheim, and with the European Association of Jewish Museums, we will run a series of seminars devoted to the challenges of museum education. 
  • International congress planned for 2023 in cooperation with all partners of the "Jewish Cultural Heritage" program. It will provide a platform to sum up and discuss the outcome of the program.

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