#WeRemember Campaign

Radosław Wójcik, a worker of POLIN Museum, holds a paper with We Remember hashtag.
phot. POLIN Museum

Join POLIN Museum and people around the world on 27 January to participate in the annual We Remember Campaign, hosted by World Jewish Congress. Additionally the Campaign takes place on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s a day to reflect back on the Holocaust and the 6 million Jewish people who perished alongside other targeted groups during World War II. To raise your voice and shine a light on the dangers of failing to learn from history.

The We Remember Campaign is organized yearly by World Jewish Congress, and takes place on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. For many years POLIN Museum, 1,000 year history of Polish Jews has been a proud partner of this Campaign, and we encourage our guests and followers to join.

How to participate?

Simply post a picture of yourself on your social media platforms with a piece of paper that has "We Remember" written on it.

Use the official hashtag, #WeRemember in your post to join the Campaign. 

Follow our social media platforms between 20-27 January for survivor testimonies and historical facts about the Holocaust. Then on 27 January we will reveal pictures of our staff and visitors to the Museum who participated in the event.

For more details about this annual commemorative campaign, visit the organizers site.

Logo of We Remember Campaign