Notification form concerning an object for the ‘Archive of March '68’ display case and the Museum’s collection.

Last year, we began a social campaign to collect historical memorabilia and the stories of witnesses of the events of March '68. We encourage you to share with us your story, memories and objects.

Of particular significance for recounting this story are for us the items directly related to March events, such as documents related to the departure, to job loss as well as photographs, diaries and letters.

If you have souvenirs that could supplement the history of March '68 and could be offered to the Museum's collection, please fill out the form.

If you would like to share your story related to March '68, then again, please fill in the form (only the first part).

We count on your response and encourage you to contribute to the exhibition of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Imię i nazwisko lub nazwa instytucji // Full name or institution
Prosimy o podanie informacji o typie pamiątki oraz propozycję podpisu. Prosimy opowiedzieć w kilku zdaniach w jaki sposób pamiątka jest związana z Marcem '68 (maks. 5000 znaków) // Please provide information about the type of souvenir and a description proposal. Please explain in a few sentences how the souvenir is related to March '68 (max 5000 characters)
Prosimy o napisanie, kiedy w przybliżeniu powstała pamiątka, z jakiego materiału jest wykonana (maks. 5000 znaków) // Please write when approximately the souvenir was created and of what material it was made from (max 5000 characters)