POLIN on the Meadow – our revamped series of summer cultural and recreational events

Cztery osoby piknikują na łące przy Muzeum POLIN. Na kocu leżą miski z różnymi przysmakami, np. hummusem.
fot. M. Jaźwiecki / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

At the beginning of the summer holidays, we invite you to relax with us amidst the greenery of our Meadow. Last year, we said good-bye to Bolesław Leśmian, patron of the five previous editions of our summer program. Now, our shared green space is named "POLIN on the Meadow"! We leave the Museum building, we come out to enjoy the summer together with you, to take a rest surrounded by greenery and to taste the flavours of the Jewish cuisine.

  • 25 June – 31 August 2022
  • Venue: "POLIN on the Meadow" (green square in front of POLIN Museum, from the side of Lewartowskiego Street)

"POLIN on the Meadow" – a culinary division

This year, we will surprise you with brand new events revolving around Jewish cuisine and attentive conversation at a joint table. We will invite you to an outdoor "Shabbat picnic" during which we will taste Jewish food and listen to interesting facts about it. We will hold meetings with representatives of the Island of Tranquillity who will teach us how to communicate in a kind and warm way at a table. We will learn how to speak in order to be understood and heard, and how to listen to others with empathy.

For families with children, we have organised the "Picnic Basket" workshop. We'll examine every vegetable and fruit in your picnic basket and see if it's indeed edible! What taste and smell they have, whether they can be cut, grated, and perhaps bitten. During the workshop, we will recall the most wonderful poems by Julian Tuwim and Jan Brzechwa.

Conscious movement, mindfulness and Zendog

"POLIN on the Meadow" also has on offer a movement class which you’re bound to get hooked on. We encourage you to join the series of "Listen to Body" classes with Aleksandra Antoniuk. The class will combine conscious movement with elements of yoga and mindfulness. We will try to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

With the very many dog lovers in Muranów in mind, we have prepared another new event: unique "Zendog" meetings with Kasia Patej. We will talk about how to respond to the emotions of our four-legged friends with curiosity and attention.

Concerts, outdoor cinema, classes for seniors

We return to the Meadow with live music—in July, we will meet you at outdoor concerts in the series "Lullaby for Muranów". You will hear acoustic music in the rhythm of a human pulse, performed by exquisite chamber musicians.

We also return with our permanent offer that you surely have been looking forward to—Classes for Seniors using Moshe Feldenkrais’ method, or "Neighbourly Flowerbed", gardening workshop with Łukasz Skop. There will also be outdoor film screenings in August—very tasty films devoted to the culinary subjects! We have also organised creative workshops for the youth.

Join us this summer! We will open the relaxing zone for you already on 25 June. Stay tuned by checking our program of events and… see you at "POLIN on the Meadow"!

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