Workshops for high schools (ages 15 - 18)

Basic organisational information:

  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Capacity: maximum 30 people in a group
  • Ticket price: 350 PLN per group (guardians participate in workshops free of charge)
  • Booking: [email protected].

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List of workshops for high schools

  • Once upon a time in a small town
    We invite you for an encounter with Jewish culture during which you will learn about its typical objects, traditions and symbols. 
    At the core exhibition, pupils will solve tasks divided into groups. They will find out how a synagogue, a tavern or a Jewish home looked like; they will also listen to the story of a certain Jewish family, and will perform short scenes as characters from a distant past.
  • Daffodils. The Warsaw Ghetto story
    Daffodils became a symbol of the Uprising at the Warsaw Ghetto – the first urban insurgency in Nazi occupied Europe. Who were the young Jewish men and women who  organized it? Why did they decide to fight back? During the workshop, pupils will view fragments of the core exhibition devoted to the Warsaw Ghetto. The workshop is based on an engaging story which provokes to pose questions for which there are no clear-cut answers.
  • The home we share
    Someone left a backpack in the corridor. Who does it belong to? Pupils go through the backpack’s content only to realize that it clearly belongs to a religious Jewish boy. On the basis of the content they construct a story of his life. While doing so, they learn about basic elements of Jewish culture and issues related to choosing Jewish identity. Towards the end of the workshop - run according to the drama-based method - pupils perform some scenes, pretending to be the people from the boy’s life. The workshop is focused on the issues of stereotypes and prejudices against Jews.

Organisational information

How to book the workshop?

You must book at least two weeks prior to the planned workshop by sending an email to the address: [email protected].

Email should include the following information:

  • date (a selection of dates),
  • hour,
  • topic of workshop,
  • name of school/nursery,
  • address,
  • which grade/age of children,
  • number of participants (students / guardians),
  • contact to the group guardian (name, surname, telephone no., email address).
  • Additional information on the group (e.g. impairments, profile etc.).

Workshop dates

Workshops are held in the Educational Centre and at the core exhibition of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, 6 Anielewicza St. They take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 10.15 AM-12.15 PM and 1 PM-3 PM. The workshop lasts 2 hours (120 mins) and have been designed for a group of maximum 30 people.

Each group should arrive at the museum 15 mins before the booked workshop begins. This is requisite due to the safety procedures and other organisational activities. If a group is more than 15 mins late, the educator has the right to cancel the workshop or significantly shorten its duration. We retain the right to cancel workshop or to change its topic in exceptional circumstances.

We remind you that POLIN Museum is accessible to persons with disabilities.

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