POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

There is no history of Jews without Poland. Just as there is no history of Poland without the Jewish community that lived in this country for centuries. It is here that the fates of these two nations became inextricably linked—in good times and in bad, in times of hardship and tragedy.

Poland was a “Paradisus Iudaeorum”, a friendly shelter for Jews, but it was also where the Nazi genocide was carried out. It is on Polish soil that the Germans perpetrated the Holocaust. The Museum has produced an extraordinary exhibition that provides a vivid narrative about the life of a great community, about its centuries-old traditions and practices. Both known and little-known aspects of its religious and secular life are on show, in addition to a collection of original artifacts and documents.

The exhibition encourages reflection, highlighting the poets, prominent scholars, gifted musicians and others who have helped make Poland known throughout the world. It also encourages us to remember the millions of ordinary men and women from towns and villages of whom no trace now remains.

This is a great exhibition about a people who once lived among us, about a nation murdered. A unique museum has arisen in Warsaw. Nowhere else in the world will we find such an extraordinary and unforgettable exhibition.

Prof. Adam Daniel Rotfeld, former Republic of Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, member of the POLIN Museum Board.

You are about to visit Poland. You are about to visit POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews…

March of the Living since it’s foundation in 1988 aims to commemorate the story of those, who perished during the times of the Shoah. It aims to honor them and to keep memory for every coming generations.

Museum POLIN aims the same goals – but concentrates on lives. We want to honoro those, who died by showing how they lived.

We believe connection we are making will help us to remember and to build better society for the future years.

During your intense travel within Poland you will visit Warsaw and POLIN. To make this visit relevant and completed for you, we would like to give the opportunity to prepare in advance.

Here you will find details about Museum, Core exhibition, agenda of your visit in May 2016, some practical information, some extra-materials: