Adult Education at POLIN Museum

Adult education at POLIN Museum includes workshops, lectures, discussions, meetings, seminars, long-term educational courses, exhibition walks, and activities in the city.

Creating space for meetings and dialogue is one of the key features of our activities. Some programs are targeted at specific participant groups: students, seniors and representatives of professional groups. We also organize classes that connect adults of all ages, from different generations and backgrounds. We often invite non-government organizations and Warsaw residents to co-create events.

An important part of the activities for adults is our anti-discrimination workshops and programs around temporary exhibitions and important anniversaries. Information on these activities can be found in the current program of the Museum.

The subjects of the classes concern not only the history and culture of Jews in Poland, but also the wider diversity - the situation of national and ethnic minorities and migrants. We discuss these issues, among others, as part of the several years cycle "Faces of Diversity".