Adult Education

Adult education at the POLIN Museum includes the organization of lectures, discussions, workshops and meetings addressed to both the general public and specialists. Our activities, on the one hand, address the history and culture of Polish Jews, and on the other hand, deal with cultural, ethnic and religious diversity, as well as the challenges of functioning in a diversified society.

We invite people to participate in interdisciplinary projects which often draw on both the arts and the humanities. We organise student exchange programmes and international partner projects, and also promote the education of the museum’s employees. We organise artistic residencies where we use various media to explore the issue of Poland’s Jewish legacy and of multiculturalism. It is our goal to make all visitors perceive our institution as an open museum.

We also offer anti-discrimination courses to professional groups, including policemen, judges, and prosecutors. These courses shed light on the social, political, and economic experiences of Poland’s minority groups in order to underscore the importance of anti-discriminatory measures.