listopad 2017 - styczeń 2018

Jewish ABC

Żydowskie ABC
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  • Who is a Jew? – meeting 
    Agata Rakowiecka, director of JCC Warsaw, Małgorzata Kordowicz, a rabbi, and a guest will seek answers to questions: who is a Jew, are you Jewish only if your mother is Jewish? Jewish ABC is a new series of meetings and workshops dealing with basic ideas in Judaism and Jewish culture, co-organised by the Jewish Community Centre (JCC Warsaw).
    22 November, 6.30PM, free admission
  • Who is a Jew? – workshop 
    Experts and people searching for their roots will talk about theory and practice of genealogical studies.
    27 November, 6PM, free admission, meeting will be held at JCC Warsaw, 9A Chmielna St.
  • What is circumcision? – meeting 
    What is brit milah and what is its religious and cultural significance? Agata Rakowiecka, Rabbi Małgorzata Kordowicz and a guest in conversation.
    13 December, 6.30PM, free admission
  • What is circumcision? – film screening
    Partly Private by Danae Elon is a personal and slightly ironic look at the ritual of male circumcision.
    18 December, 6PM, free admission, meeting held at the JCC Warsaw, 9A Chmielna St.