Alex Dancyg

Mur z kamieni w kolorze piasku, z napisami "Warszawa, w języku hebrajskim i polskim. W prawym dolnym roku mężczyzna - Alex Dancyg - w jasnej letniej koszuli.
fot. archiwum rodziny Dancyg

Alex Dancyg, a dear friend of POLIN Museum, but above all a friend of all those engaged in the education about the Polish-Jewish heritage.

Our colleague with whom we have been collaborating for over 10 years, organizing and developing programs for Israeli teachers’ study visits at POLIN Museum, and Polish teachers’ visits at the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem. We do believe he will return to us and we will be able to work together again.

Alex is a co-author of the training program for Israeli guides. He has always stressed that they should talk as much as possible about Polish Jews and their contribution to the development of Poland, Israel, and of European civilization. He has always been interested in Polish politics and was often more up-to-date with what was going on than us here, in Poland. He was a connoisseur of culture and a lover of Polish literature - during each of his numerous stays in Poland, he used to ask us what is worth reading, watching, who is worth meeting and listening to.

Alex has been unyielding in his pursuit of making the world a better place, a place where there is space for everyone, regardless of what they believe in, what colour their skin is, and what language they speak. He was fiercely intolerant of all sorts of extremism.

We anxiously await your safe return and hope for a prompt end of the war in Israel!