Genealogy at the POLIN Museum

This service is open to all Museum visitors who:

  • want to deepen their knowledge about their family,
  • are searching for their Jewish roots or
  • simply want to discover the fate of their ancestors.

You can also order genealogical research without ever leaving your home. We will tailor the type of archival documentation and searched library sources according to your needs.

Genealogical searches can include:

  • documentation stored in today’s Poland,
  • digital databases from such areas Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania,
  • immigration documentation from past and current Polish lands,
  • library sources, and
  • oral history resources.

Upon receiving your request, we will verify it. We will define your requirements and determine the possibility of finding information about your family. We will then send you an overview of the scope of the proposed research, along with a cost estimate. 

The first stage of the search is free of charge. However, we would appreciate you making a donation in support of POLIN Museum’s statutory activities.

Our service is free of charge to Holocaust Survivors and to the Righteous Among the Nations.

To take advantage of our service:

Complete the Contact Form >>

Upon receiving it, a POLIN Museum specialist will conduct the initial research and propose a research plan which best serves your requirements. 

After acceptance of the plan, our specialist will send you an Order Form and a payment link. 

You will then receive monthly reports containing the results of your search.

At the end of the service, you will receive a package containing all the material which was discovered, together with the specialist’s report. You will meet the specialist online, who will summarise the research carried out for you. 

Below are list our genealogy research services. Click to expand the descriptions.

Individual package >>

Standard package >>

Extended package >>

Premium package >>

Please note:

None of the packages include DNA testing or creating family websites.