The Culture Chatbot: A New Facebook Communication Tool

Wnętrze Muzeum POLIN - hol główny, obszar przy ścianie szklanej - ściana po lewej stronie zdjęcia
fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Committed to enhancing communication with its social media users, the POLIN Museum is now implementing a new digital tool: the bilingual Culture Chatbot. The chatbot will be available on Facebook Messenger and it will provide practical information about the Museum, encourage visits and help users search and view the institution’s online exhibits.

A chatbot is an AI-based applet that simulates and processes human speech to enable human-style  man-machine interaction. Chatbots have been commonly used in social media and commercial websites to boost customer service.

The tool has been developed by the international Culture Chatbot: Europeana Multilingual Chatbot project with similar objectives in mind. The POLIN Museum chatbot will help users find relevant information about the Museum. The chatbot will encourage online viewing of exhibits available in the Europeana digital library. The tool will be enabled on our Facebook profile and will communicate in Polish and English.

As part of the project, the POLIN Museum has also assessed the feasibility of effectively using the chatbot to support education for young people. Tests conducted with students at one high school have shown that young people are finding it exciting to interact with a chatbot while discussing local history topics. As many as 82% have admitted that this type of learning experience is attractive. While there have been no negative responses from students it is fair to conclude that modern technologies offer enormous potential to support learning. Tests were conducted with our partner interactive agency Green Parrot.

The project is a result of a partnership between the POLIN Museum, the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, Pangeanic interactive agency, ICCU and the Jewish Heritage Network.

The project is co-funded by the European Union Connecting Europe Facility. The chatbot is now in the testing phase and is due to launch along with the re-opening of the “1,000 Years of the History of Polish Jews” core exhibition.