Educational Resources

Marek Edelman sitting by the table. Next to it there is an empty chair. One the table there daffodils and two cups.
Marek Edelman. The frame from "Shielding the Flame animation" produced by Hi-Story Studio

POLIN Museum’s educational resources are perfect for schools, community groups, organizations, and they are all online.

For the 81st anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising we created new resources for educators:

  • An animated film based on a short story titled "The Memory of Speckles" by Zofia Stanecka, that transports us to a fairy-tale universe inhabited by kind spirits who look after the forest and all the creatures that live in it (reccomended for elementary students ages 6 to 9).

  • A film based on a short story titled "There Was—There Isn’t—There Is" by Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo. The animated story deals with the difficult and important topic of experiencing and coping with loss (reccomended for elementary students ages 9 to 12).

Students aged 12 and up →

Elementary students ages 6 to 12 →


For more information or to speak with our Education Department please contact us: [email protected]