Aorta – Vicky Chow concert

Vicky Chow is one of the most important pianists in the New York contemporary music scene. How is this measured? To give an example: her interpretation of "Piano Counterpoint" was released on the last original album of Steve Reich, along with the composition "Radio Rewrite" - the famous American study of Radiohead music. 

  • 8 January (Monday), 7 PM

Michael Gordon or Tristan Perich, among others, have written songs for Chow, who is associated with the cult new music band Bang On A Can All Stars. Their joint album "Surface" was recognized as one of the most important albums of the year according to the Rolling Stone magazine.

Vicky Chow’s latest album “Aorta” is an extraordinary record of what piano music could be at the beginning of the 21st century. The album includes compositions written for Chow by leading contemporary composers of the New York scene: Daniel Wohl, Andy Akiho, Christopher Cerrone, Jacob Cooper and Jakub Ciupiński from Poland.

The music of “Aorta" is largely piano music accompanied by electronic instruments. The thread of connections between them evokes the processes that are continually taking place inside the human body - on the one hand, extremely complex, which can not be understood by the layman, without medical training, and on the other hand - natural, organic par excellence.


The pianist herself points out that "Aorta" is a collection of songs flowing straight from the heart. "I was looking for music that would resonate within me when I'm put to the test: when I’m sitting alone in my apartment, trying to find the meaning of what I'm doing” - the artist says.

The program of the concert will be complemented with fragments of the "Memory Pieces" suite, by the Pulitzer winning composer David Lang. “One of the most frightening things about aging is the fact that not all of your friends will grow old together with you. People get sick and die. You see them, try to cheer them up, and then you try to encourage yourself - writes the composer in the lyrics accompanying the song - True tragedy begins, however, when memories fade. How long can you remember the sound of someone's voice, the memory of a strange event, a bitter-sweet feeling, a stupid story?” - he adds. “Memory Pieces" are songs dedicated to the memory of David Lang's deceased friends, including: composer John Cage, pianist Yvar Mikhashoff, artist Kate Ericcson. 

The concert is organized as part of the events accompanying the exhibitionBlood. Uniting & Dividing“.






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