19.04.2021 - online

Wearing a dress, wearing a uniform - guided tour

In the recorded version of our popular tour, guide Katarzyna Jankowska will present the stories of five women fighting in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

We will find out why Rachela Zylberberg was dubbed "Polish Joan d’Arc"; who was rescued by Shoshana Kossower; what Vladka Meed did after the war had ended; why there was a wanted notice issued for the innocent-looking Niuta Tajtelbaum, and, finally, what happened to Mira Fuchrer, Mordechai Anielewicz’s girlfriend who acted as a liason between different ghettos in the course of the war.

Guide Katarzyna Jankowska will also talk about the subsequent stages in our protagonists’ lives - from obtaining education, through activity in youth movements, arriving at political maturity, to their wartime experiences and different forms of resistance they got involved in. 

Host: Katarzyna Jankowska, licensed guide of Warsaw and POLIN Museum guide.