19.11, 9.12.2017

A Mobile University of Muranów – a series of neighbourhood meetings

Wędrujący Uniwersytet Muranowski - kobieta pokazuje innym osobom coś na mapie.
fot. M. Starowieyska / Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

The meetings will provide an excellent opportunity to meet one’s neighbours, to listen to stories and ponder on the district in the past and today. The first meeting will concern the name ‘Muranów’, the second will tackle the history of early settlement in  the area.

  • 19 November, 4PM, language: PL, free admission, meeting at the POLIN club-café
  • 9 December, 4PM, language: PL, free admission, meeting at the PrzyStawki restaurant, 3 Stawki St.