31.08.2020 - online

Musical farewell to the holidays at the Leśmian’s Meadow

Czarno-białe zdjęcie mężczyzny (Paweł Szamburski). Gra na klarnecie.
fot. R. Pranagal

We bid farewell to summer with this special online concert which ends this year’s edition of "Leśmian’s Meadow." Paweł Szamburski will take us on a journey through the musical world of old Jewish culture.

Paweł Szamburski will present his own interpretations of Jewish music, mainly from the Moshe Beregowski collection, and from the rich legacy of the Hassidic Modrzyc dynasty. He will also play a song inspired by the Warsaw's Northern Quarter. The clarinetist, using contemporary technique and electronic effects, creates an extremely personal, multicolored musical story supported by traditional and musicological references.

Paweł Szamburski - an artist active in the independent music scene for 20 years, focused mainly on the Lado ABC environment. With his band Bastarda, he reinterprets early and medieval music in a contemporary way, in the duo SzaZa he works in an interdisciplinary field. He also composes for film, theater, silent cinema, and radio plays.


The event is part of the 7th annual Singer's Warsaw Festival: www.festiwalsingera.pl

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