Proof of Identity premiere

Chana Topińska, jedna z bohaterek filmu "Dowodu tożsamości". Fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

Premiere of the directorial debut by Mikołaj Grynberg took place on 21 November at 5PM during the ''David’s Camera'' Warsaw Jewish Film Festival. After the screening, there was a meeting with the author in conversation with Joanna Fikus, Head of Exhibitions Department at POLIN Museum. "Proof of Identity" is available on TVN24.GO platform from 3rd December. In April you can watch it on ITVN both ITVN channels – European and American, and Discovery Historia channel (Polish).

  • 17 April, 13.20 CET, ITVN (European channel)
  • 18 April, 14.00 EDT, ITVN (American channel)
  • 18 April, 10.20 EDT; 20 April, 16.30 EDT (replays, ITVN American channel)
  • 19 April, 11 PM, Discovery Historia channel (Poland)

What does it mean to be a Polish Jew today, in 2021? How do Polish Jews define their own identity at the age of 20, and how do they do it when they’re in their 40s and 60s? How do they define their identity when they’re religious, and how when they’re atheists? Mikołaj Grynberg, a celebrated writer, reporter and photographer, author of—among others—collections of short stories titled ''Rejwach'' and ''Poufne'', seeks answers to these and many more questions in his directorial debut titled Proof of Identity.

''Proof of Identity'' is apring of the Who We Are project within which Mikołaj Grynberg made a 10-minute-long film to conclude the POLIN core exhibition titled ''1000-Year History of Jews in Poland''. You can watch the short film in the ‘Postn offswar Years’ gallery devoted to the period from 1945 till the present. The diverse voices of members of the Jewish community in today’s Poland whom Mikołaj Grynberg invited to participate in his project perfectly complement the gallery’s message.

  • Written and directed by: Mikołaj Grynberg
  • Production: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
  • Executive producer: IDFX
  • Project coorganizer: Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland

Project realized thanks to the support of: Association Européenne du Musée de l'Histoire des Juifs de Pologne POLIN.