25.10.2015 13:00

Relay Race of 100th Aniversary of Makabi Warszawa

projekt: Daria Zmiejewa / Zdjęcie zawodników Makabi Warszawa pochodzi z zasobów Narodowego Archiwum Cyfrowego.

You are welcome to participate in Relay Race of 100th Aniversary of Makabi Warszawa, which will start on October 25 at. 13.00.

This is a unique opportunity to create a living monument to the history of Jewish sport in Warsaw as well as to pay the tribute to Jewish athletes. Together we can preserve the memory of them, become the part of the story and jointly contribute to the revival of the Jewish sports tradition in Poland.

Anyone can take part in the relay, the distance is only 406 meters for singe participant!

During the relay, the participants will subsequently run to achieve in total an 100 laps around the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN. In this symbolic way we will show the 100 years that have elapsed since the foundation of the Makabi Warszawa. The place where the relay will be held is not accidental. Before World War II a few hundred meters from the museum building at Nalewki Street 2a, was the headquarters of the club. Just next to former SKRA stadium where Makabi Warszawa football team was regularly playing their matches.



1. Application for participation can be done by filling in a form available on the website www.makabiwarszawa.pl. Applications are individual.

2. Entry fee – 20 zł per person – payable by bank transfer to the following account:

84 1140 2004 0000 3102 7580 8990
Makabi Warszawa
Al. Niepodległości 135/15, 02-570 Warszawa
Title transfer: “darowizna na rzecz sztafety” (pol. donation for the relay) and full name of participant

Participants will receive a commemorative T-shirt, a ticket to the POLIN Museum temporary exhibition and voucher for a hot meal and a drink. The packages can be received from 11:00am to 0:45pm on Sunday, October 25th at the place of race at the parking lot of POLIN Museum.

Agenda for 100th Anniversary
10:00 am – 11: 30 am Football match with ZKS Krakow (MKS Polonia Warsaw, side football field, Konwiktorska Street 6)
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Relay (Museum POLIN, Anielewicza Street 6)
4:15 pm Presentation of the history of the club Maccabi Warsaw – running Piotr Trzaska (Museum POLIN Anielewicza Street 6)
5:15 pm – 5:45 pm Screening Maccabi Voices Sonti Ramirez (Museum POLIN, Anielewicza Street 6)

Main organizer: Żydowskie Towarzystwo Gimnastyczno-Sportowe Makabi Warszawa

Partners of the project: POLIN Museum, Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, Jewish Community of Warsaw

25 October, 1:00-3:00 pm (relay), 4:15-5:45 (presentation and movie screening)