Retro: Maksymiuk & Olejniczak – a concert

Janusz Olejniczak, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Retro
fot. M. Mutor / Wydawnictwo AGORA

Once during a dinner party, Janusz Olejniczak and Jerzy Maksymiuk sat at the grand piano and composed a musical piece dedicated to the host. Soon, another piece emerged and now we have the whole disc.

12 October (Friday), 7 PM, tickets: 110 PLN / 125 PLN, PURCHASE >>

Retro consists of 15 miniatures for two grand pianos. Tango, Waltz, charleston or songs with lyrics written by Ewa Piasecka-Maksymiuk and sung by Kasia Moś go back to the times when a family would gather around the grand piano in order to experience something collectively, or simply to be together for a while.


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