Seminar: Traces of Oblivion

Słabo oświetlony drewniany strych.
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We invite you to another meeting which will look at the issue of memory and oblivion and the traces of absence of both the Jewish community and other minorities. The meeting will take the form of a discussion seminar facilitated by two artists: Łukasz Baksik and Rafał Jakubowicz. During the seminar we will analyse the artists’ works and wonder what it means to restore memory, how we should fill it and whether or not forgetting is wrong. The meeting will be interpreted into English.

Łukasz Baksik – a photographer interested in socially focused and documentary photography. An author of an exhibition entitled ‘Matzevot for Everyday Use’, documenting various ways in which Jewish tombstones were used as building material.

Rafał Jakubowicz – an artist and an art critic. An author of the Pływalnia (Swimming Pool) project which raises the topic of the Poznań synagogue, transformed into a public swimming pool in 1940. He also an author of the Arbeitsdisziplin project which invokes the topic of Nazism and tackles the issue of contemporary neoliberal exploitation. Rafał Jakubowicz runs the Art in Public Space studio (Pracownia Sztuka w Przestrzeni Społecznej) at the Artistic University in Poznań. He works at the Chair of Hebrew, Aramaic and Karaite Studies at the Modern Languages Department, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Admission is free. 

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