22, 24.11.2021 - online

Special Music Events: Opening and Closing Night of the GEOP Interdisciplinary Research Workshop

Czarno-biała fotografia. Lin Jaldati Ensemble 1984. Jeden starszy mężczyzna w garniturze i trzy kobiety w długich szatach stoją na scenie, trzymając się za ręce. Kobieta, która stoi z prawej strony, trzyma skrzypce.
Lin Jaldati Ensemble 1984, fot. Jalda Rebling Personal Archive

“Hidden in Plain Sight: Yiddish in the Socialist Bloc and its Transnationality, 1941/44–91”: over the course of three days, this virtual GEOP Interdisciplinary Research Workshop examines the role of Yiddish in the cultures of Socialist states in Eastern and East-Central Europe in their trans-socialist and transnational entanglements in the second half of the 20th century.

The workshop opens and closes with two online events that are open to the general public.

  • 22 November, 7.30 PM CET / 1.30 PM EST
    • Opening Night: A Tribute to David Shneer
    • Yiddish in East Berlin – A Concert by Jalda Rebling with Tobias Morgenstern and Daniel Weltlinger
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    • Meeting-ID: 660 4102 4631
    • Code: 047438

During the opening night, Jalda Rebling, Tobias Morgenstern and Daniel Weltlinger will take us back to Yiddish East Berlin with a deep dive into Rebling’s song repertoire. She is the youngest daughter of Lin Jaldati – the famed voice of socialist Yiddish culture during the Cold War. Jaldati, an Amsterdam native, a Holocaust survivor herself and life-long convinced socialist, decided to follow an invitation by the German Democratic Republic with her husband, the German socialist Eberhard Rebling, and emigrated with her family to East Berlin in 1952. She ascended to fame with her performances of Yiddish antifascist music from the GDR across the spreading global Communist empire. Jalda Rebling accompanied her mother already back then and continues her legacy still today. 

Followed by Q&A with Gregg Drinkwater.

  • 24 November, 8.00 PM CET / 2.00 PM EST
    • World Premiere. Fighting with Music: Yiddish Songs of World War II from Central Asia and Chuvashia. A Lecture-Concert with Anna Shternshis & Psoy Korolenko
    • Zoom webinar >>

In 2018, Anna Shternshis and Psoy Korolenko made history when their album Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of World War II was nominated for a Grammy under the category of “World Music” as one of the only Yiddish-language recordings ever. With Yiddish Glory, Shternshis and Korolenko released a first selection of hundreds of Yiddish war songs that Soviet Jewish ethnomusicologist Moisei Beregovskii had gathered within the microcosms of Jewish refugees, evacuees, soldiers, and Holocaust survivors in the Soviet Union and that were deemed lost until Shternshis unearthed them in a Ukrainian archive. The closing event on November 24, 2021, is the world premiere of Fighting with Music: Yiddish Songs of World War II from Central Asia and Chuvashia – Shternshis’ and Korolenko’s newest recordings of Beregovskii’s treasure trove.

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The workshop is organized within the Global Education Outreach Program.

Global Education Outreach Program was made possible thanks to the Taube Philanthropies, the William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation, and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.