The Pepper Forgers. A Family History – book promotion in the POLIN Reading Room series

Fałszerze pieprzu - promocja książki "Czytelnia POLIN"
Fałszerze pieprzu - prezentacja książki i wykład w ramach "Czytelni POLIN", fot. Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich

“It is a book about memory”, says Monika Sznajderman, the author, about her latest work. “Or, to be precise, about two strands of memory which never intersect, about two different stories which have been running in parallel – although never quite together – for many centuries.

  • December 3, 6 PM, free admission, language: PL

A book about the fate of my two families – the Polish one and the Jewish one”, the author adds. Those who wish to learn more about the book are invited to our meeting with the author, hosted by Mr Paweł Smoleński.

Organizer: Wydawnictwo Czarne

Partner: Muzeum POLIN